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Here are Some Good Options:

Western Governors University is a new online option. They don’t offer degrees in every category, but it may be right for your situation.

Western Governors University (WGU) is the only flat fee, non-profit 100% online university that holds national and regional accreditation. WGU was founded by 19 governors who wanted to make college education affordable to anyone.

The university has four colleges — Teachers College, College of Business, College of Health, and College of Information Technology. There are over 22 bachelor degrees and over 20 master degrees. For some students, the out-of-pocket tuition is very reasonable because WGU offers financial aid (grants and federal loans) and scholarships to some individuals.

Tuition is set at one price regardless of how many online classes a student chooses to attend over the six month period. Unlike at traditional universities, the students don’t have to wait until fall or spring to start their courses. WGU students can begin their six month term on the first of any month. Besides the low flat fee and the flexible start schedule, the university doesn’t have any set minimum SAT or ACT scores for admission. However, all applicants must pass admission exams which are administered by WGU.

Although students are paying a tuition fee for six months they may be able to finish all courses in less time. Western Governors University allows students to complete assessments whenever they are ready, which enables them to earn their degree credits even faster. For example, if it takes students three months to complete a six month term they could actually complete four terms in a year instead of two terms.

WGU’s focus is more on student’s competence than class attendance and credits. Students have the freedom and flexibility to study at their own pace and create a time schedule with their personal mentor to help them progress further.

Western Governors University is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU), Distance Education and Training Council (DETC), National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE), and Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM).

WGU’s credits are typically transferable and your degree should be recognized by other colleges and employers.

Click here to visit WGU.

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Information Technology Careers and Education

Although there are many good traditional classroom courses in the information technology field, you can find a really great IT training class or degree program online too.

Today, an IT degree can be earned either partially or completely through online study. And while the majority of undergraduate students are still showing up at traditional classrooms five days a week, more and more students are taking some of their classes on the Internet. And some undergraduates are opting for online courses as often as they can.

Information technology professionals are still in high demand all across the country. Almost every business and organization relies heavily upon its information system to manage the daily flow of operations.

Educated, experienced and dedicated IT managers are needed at companies of almost every size. If you can devote the time to take classes, learn the information and earn your degree, you may have a terrific future in the computer and information management field.

What we are going to be doing with this site is listing and recommending some of the top online information technology programs available today. We would be interested in hearing your opinion about any schools you have attended or computer training courses you have taken.

IT Professionals Work in Different Specialties
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), information technology, or IT, is responsible for the transmission, storage, and analysis of information for an organization’s computer system.

Specialties Requiring an Associate’s Degree in Computers
According to the BLS, web administrators and telecommunications specialists typically hold an associate’s degree or certification in a computer-related field.

Specialties Requiring a Bachelor’s Degree or More
Network engineers, network and computer systems administrators, computer security specialists, and web developers typically hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information science, or management information systems (MIS). Some hold a bachelor’s degree in another field but have significant coursework and experience in computers.

Web developers use software languages and tools to manage the technical side of creating websites. Typical projects include website design, organization, and integration.

According to the BLS, database administrators, computer systems analysts, and computer systems designers are required to have a bachelor’s degree, with some employers requiring a master’s degree in either computer science or a field related to their specialty, such as business administration or engineering.

Computer systems analysts develop computer systems by configuring new hardware and software, or modifying the existing system to meet the changing needs of an organization.

Computer systems designers design systems for a specific business type, such as accounting and financial systems or scientific and engineering systems.

IT professionals can make themselves more viable to employers by earning the latest certifications through product vendors and computer associations. Many employers require these certifications, and some may accept certifications in lieu of formal education.

Help with this article came from University of California Los Angeles and WebDesignSchoolGuide.

Be sure to let us know if you have any comments or suggestions.

Mothers generally like it when their sons or daughters become actuaries. A trained actuary earns a nice salary, performs a relatively easy, safe job and is respected in the business community. An actuary is an expert at communicating complex issues to their audience (generally insurance executives) and effectively communicating the meaning and implications of data, trends and research results. Actuaries exam the laws of large numbers and assess risk. An actuary must pass a series of exams to become increasingly qualified in their field.

Maybe you’re thinking about a career in the restaurant business as a chef. If you are, you should plan on pursuing some formal education.

In the past, you could opt to work at a job such as a dishwasher or server in the kitchen of a good restaurant and then try to work your way up, but that would take several years and you may have to put up with a pretty low salary. Most people will agree that by getting a decent culinary arts education, you will be able to move up in position faster from being a kitchen staffer to someone in command.

The responsibilities that a court reporter has are very important. A court reporter will be responsible for taking down whatever is said in the courtroom or other legal proceeding. They can’t skip any words or change them. Another good quality to have is the ability to listen and comprehend what is said during the proceedings. Court reporters are helping to make a legal document involving the judge, the witnesses, the defendants and any lawyers that are involved.


Another technology field that is hot right now is computer animation. Careers in computer animation can be fun, fulfilling and bring home nice salaries.

Most professional animators now have an undergraduate degree in art or design with an emphasis on animation. Software knowledge is very important so even working artists need continuing education to keep up with the latest technology and learn how to get all of the finer details mastered.

In the area of science, hydrology is an important field. Most hydrologists have at least a Bachelor's degree in science. Students study different areas of science, including classes in hydrology and other relevant coursework, such as biology. The career outlook for hydrologists is very good as water becomes more scarce and valuable with each passing year. The average hydrologist salary is between $55,000 and $65,000 per year.

However, if you don’t have a high school diploma yet, some of this college talk is a bit premature. Instead of going back to high school, you can study for the GED exam instead.

The GED exam is made up of five parts. Reading is a 40 questions paper to be answered in 65 minutes. It targets the candidate’s ability to read and comprehend passages. This test includes five fictions (a play, a poem and prose) and two nonfiction passages (biographies, magazines, newspapers or manuals). You can pass it if you study for it.


One of the biggest sectors of business that college students major in is finance. Finance majors concentrate more on the numbers side of business. While they do take many “soft” skill courses, many of the classes are in accounting, capital management, equity management and cash flow analysis. A graduate with an undergraduate finance degree from a good school is usually someone who is sought out by employers.

In the healthcare field, pharmacy technicians are needed. One of the good aspects of becoming a pharmacy technician is the amount of time required in the classroom — not that much time is needed. Pharmacy techs need to attend a rather short training course and then pass their state’s certification requirement. After that, they are free to start working.

In order to qualify for the pharmacy technician exam, applicants should have a high school diploma. Pharmacists or employers understand that a person who passes the exam has a set of skills and knowledge that qualifies them for the position. An individual must become certified every two years. The continuing education hours can be from various sources such as pharmacy associations, colleges and pharmacy technician training courses.


Will you be suited to a career in the restaurant business?

It may be a tough job. The work hours can often involve long and busy shifts, early evenings and week-ends. But plenty of people discover that the occupation is suitable for their personality.

If you sign up for a cooking training program, you may usually discover straight away whether you’re suited for this kind of vocation.

The work demands of a commercial cook are varied. Most of the tasks are pleasant, but other areas are tough. It can be demanding.

Considering that meal and food preparation must be done at a variety of time periods during the day or evening, a great many culinary arts professionals need to be clocked in at hours apart from the common working day.

Being a cook often means working around the kitchen. This isn’t a relaxing desk job. The job can include a variety of light, but physical activity.

Santa Ana College has more info on this. Or you could click here to see details for Los Angeles residents.

Since everybody needs to eat, a skilled cook can get a job in any city. Cooks aren’t restricted to living and working in just specific areas.

This is a vocation that is going through stable job improvement. Seasoned chefs ordinarily find a variety of prospects in the job market.

This career field is increasing as well. Cooks can focus on a variety of areas, and they can continue to enroll in additional training in specific topics of culinary arts or restaurant administration.

This is usually a highly sensible vocation. But you can take a look at the different possibilities and figure out if it would be a good choice for you.

Do you think you’re suited to a nursing degree?

It may be a rough job. The work shifts may involve long shifts, nights and weekends. But the salaries are pretty nice and it may be rewarding.

After you start attending classes for a nursing training program, you should likely realize pretty fast whether or not you are meant for this kind of career.

The typical work day can consist of responsibilities that may be awkward and difficult to do. It is not usually easy. The work will usually be a challenge.

Given that a certain amount of medical care is required to be supplied at different hours of the day and evening, a great number of nurses wind up working shifts aside from the usual nine-to-five.

Functioning as a nurse usually demands working on your feet. This isn’t a desk job. This job could possibly require a wide range of physical activity.

You can go to Ohio University.

Healthcare is an industry that is still experiencing healthy job growth. Professional healthcare professionals typically discover lots of opportunities in the employment market.

This particular field is growing too. Nursing staff can focus on various areas, and they may continue with their education to acquire advanced diplomas which could qualify them for potential job promotions.

Given that medical care needs to be provided just about everywhere, a seasoned nurse can usually come up with work in almost any city in the nation. You won’t be restricted to living and working only in specific communities.

This can be a smart and sensible career field to get into. You may explore the various scenarios and come to a decision if it might be a sensible choice for you too.

Thinking that you might enroll at an online school?

Not every individual is equipped for a web-based school program.

Plenty of pupils learn better in a traditional classroom than they do on their own.

Some classmates have challenges taking courses where there is minimal structure. They wind up investing too little time on the courses to effectively finish them.

Some people have the belief that classes online will probably be simple and easy. Yet somehow they are not. Online courses are usually not any easier than classroom-based schools are.

Various college subjects work well with web based instruction, but others don’t. The normal classroom experience is the right approach for studying most subject matter.

You could check out Central Michigan which investigates this more.

It may be worthwhile to register for an internet-based training program if the subject you are looking at can be learned easily via web classes.

Or maybe if there’s no university close to you, web-based classes may well be your best choice.

Your ambition is to start and finish every one of your instructional classes and get your diploma. It may need a lot of time, persistence and effort.

It’s fantastic to earn a college degree. Most young people who are thinking about earning a college diploma will join at their nearest college if they have one.

Earning a degree takes work and time, but it is almost always worth the cost.

Think you don’t have the necessary time to attend college?

If you have a busy personal life, probably you feel there isn’t the extra time to work on a college degree.

One of the negatives about college is that you have to travel to class sessions, and the vast majority of courses are offered just during the day.

When you’ve got a full-time job or family commitments that require your time through the day, you might find it impossible to start college.

Plus it seems as if there are an increasing number of people who fit into this category.

Due to this increasing category of individuals who aren’t able to attend conventional classes, many schools are changing their culture and they are currently presenting class sessions on a much more accommodating structure.

In addition to presenting classes during the evening and on Saturdays, plenty of colleges have started delivering classes on the web. These online classes permit students to finish the requirements of the class whenever they can.

Nearly all students appreciate the flexibility to do the assignments and homework when they like and from wherever they want. Online coursework is not easier to finish than traditional in-class presented coursework, but learners get the benefit of going to them and working on them as they choose.

For lots of people, this is the only strategy they would be able to think about the level of effort needed to earn a college degree.

Several college majors are better suitable for online study than others are. Look, some subject areas are taught better in a classroom or in a laboratory situation. Several degree topics can’t be explained or presented online. On the other hand, other topics work pretty well.

University of Southern California and this page each have more details regarding professional training and options.

Don’t assume that all pupils are suited to online instruction.

Some students learn faster when they are part of a real planned environment. They are better off when they’re simply told what and when to show up in class. This arrangement keeps them onto a plan and basically pushes them to attend a classroom and be ready to do the work.

For many attendees, if they have too much flexibility, they might possibly delay their courses and fall behind. This student may require more structure than online classes can offer.

You may want to consider the type of learner you are in advance of enrolling in an online degree program.

The culinary arts field is another career area you could consider.

This industry consists primarily of cooks, restaurant managers, caterers and pastry makers.

The culinary arts field has encountered solid growth the last few years, and this growth should continue.

Employment choices for good cooks remain stable, and brand new cooking college graduates should typically be able to locate a fine first job.

Between restaurants and other cooking enterprises, the volume of employers on the lookout for experienced applicants is increasing every year.

The majority of professional chefs will not complete a college degree before getting into this line of work. Many people need to begin working fast, so they will register for a training program they could get into and get out of quickly and start working as soon as possible.

As a negative, however, the working hours for chefs commonly involve evening and weekend hours. Others, such as bakers, have to begin working very early in the morning. Certain folks could appreciate this, while others may not.

The usual training programs teach the essentials of how a restaurant functions and the students become trained with using knives and the other key tools of the kitchen.

Cooking students learn cooking essentials, dessert making, wine and alcohol, food safety and a range of other important subjects.

Lots of the education is done in the school’s training kitchens that look and operate exactly like restaurant kitchens.

Check out American Culinary Federation or which both have extra hospitality career information.

Many students will come up with a working internship at a local restaurant as they get near graduating. Once they graduate, they will obtain a job at a restaurant, food caterer, or other food service provider, such as a hospital.

Should you be thinking that this is perhaps something you might look at, you should get started. Maybe this is a field for you.

Healthcare is one more occupation someone could consider.

The health care field has been among the strongest growing fields for a long time now, and we expect it to continue this way into the coming years as well.

Job possibilities for nursing professionals ought to stay strong as the availability of open positions is greater than the quantity of eligible job seekers.

The many reasons behind this situation are pretty simple. This nation is getting older and we have a lot more senior individuals who require some level of health care.

For individuals who want to start working fast, being a nurse does not always call for a full college degree to get started.

Many will do a full four years of college before entering this career field, but it isn’t always necessary. A few students want to begin working faster, so they may opt to sign up for a quicker training course.

There are various levels of nursing professionals.

There are Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree, Master of Science in Nursing and also several different advanced designations, each with varying formal education demands and day-to-day work responsibilities.

It’s difficult being a nurse. The work is tough and many individuals just aren’t suited for it.

Almost all teaching programs are built to eliminate any individuals who may not be ideal for such a vocation. Most pupils find out very quickly if they are able to cope with the type of duties they’re going to have to take on on a regular basis.

The Nursing World Site and both offer more info about these types of careers.

Along with nursing, there are more opportunities in the health-related career field. For instance, there are medical instrument specialist coursework which train men and women to operate one of many standard medical testing instruments.

These particular specialists will have one on one contact with many patients, but rather than delivering a variety of all around care, they will concentrate on just one procedure.

A lot of these medical diagnostic technician positions need only a concise formal education program. Almost all the training programs are short, specialized courses that last under two years, and a lot of them could be finished in one year or less.

If you feel that you are meant for a career somewhere in the medical industry, you could read more about it.

This can be a great type of career to get into. Good luck.


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